House, Cottage & Business Paintings

                        Whether you have:

  • lived in your home your whole life
  • recently purchased your very-first home
  • just bought a brand, new-to-you home


                             You own:

  •  a Century home
  • a country property or cottage
  • or a  business that you built yourself
The Passionate Creator can provide you with a beautiful, painted memory to hang on your wall.

If you are buying:

  • A birthday gift
  • An anniversary gift
  • A gift for parents who are moving
  • A retirement thank you …


      Simply a gift to yourself …

These Architecturally Correct and Colour-Matched Paintings… inked and painted from your photos … are a Perfect Gift!

Click any of the pictures below for an enlarged view.

Century Home

Family Farmstead

Well-loved Family Home

For more information or to order your own Custom Painting

email me @

Coming soon … PayPal … ( please be patient with me!  😀 )

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